Saturday, July 3, 2010


Before you actually think about walking out take the time to think before you make your final decision.
Everybody go through up's and down's, so don't be so quick to leave your significant other.
If you are having problems instead of arguing actually sit down and talk things out.
Before you blame one another, think before you start pointing fingers.
When you come to your conclusion about everything and you have your mind made up, take a nap and see if you are still feeling the same way when you wake up.
If you have something good work on your differences until you can't work on them anymore.
I advise this to everyone especially if you have a genuine individual on your side.
Alway's love yourself before you share your heart with another.
If you come into a relationship feeling like that individual is going to be like your previous, then maybe you need to get over insecurities.
There is no way you can love someone and you are not honest with yourself.

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