Thursday, June 10, 2010

Communication/Relationships/Cheaters all in the mix

~Pursuing a healthy relationship~

In recent studies communication has been known to help one understand how another individual is feeling. If you don't have communication, how do you expect your relationship to work? Hmmmm, think about it for a minute! Interesting because most relationships don't last if you don't have a understanding amongst one another, wouldn't you agree? If you don't compromise with your significant other, how do you expect it to work? Easy if there isn't any interaction when it comes down to your chemistry level then you may been heading into a thing called "INFIDELITY," Yes I said you might be heading down a road for a disaster. Nobody wants a head on collision, why? because that can be dangerous.

~Someone can end up getting hurt.
~In some situations it can lead to death.
~Diseases can easily be encountered.
~It may result in the end of a relationship

Those are just a few view points. Now lets talk about cheaters, I know it's wrong and also unfair to the individual thats being taken for granted. Most people who cheat are selfish, insecure, and may have some serious issues going on. The main start up line for the cheaters who are caught in their action use things like the examples below:

~I thought you were cheating, so I cheated
~You don't show me any affection.
~You are always going out with your friends
~You don't have time for me anymore.
~You always making a big deal out of something thats so simple.
~I messed up, I'm not going to do it anymore.
~I don't care about them, I love you.
~We are just friends, why are you tripping?
~That's my cousin.
~Thats my ex, it's not like that!
~Trust me you are over reacting.
~I'm so sorry, I was going to tell you.

Then you also have the cheaters who alway's say that their cell phone has been experiencing technical difficulties when they don't answer your call or they don't text you back.


~I was sleep.
~My friend had my phone.
~I was at work.
~I got locked up.
~My phone was dead.
~I broke my charger, so I couldn't charge my phone.
~I put my phone on silent, and didn't realize it was still on silent mode until I heading to work.
~I left my phone at home.
~I had the radio volume turned up.
~I lost my phone.
~I been out networking, I couldn't talk.

Now here is where the communication play a big part of the picture. If you tell your significant partner/other in the beginning your valid background then it will help solve all of the complexing problems. When you lie about something eventually it's going to come back and haunt you in a long run. When you tell the truth from the beginning, you wouldn't have to worry about future altercations. Misleading your significant other can be dismantlement, causing the other individual to lose interest, trust, or faith.

When two individual meet it's easy to create a bond that will most likely end up in a relationship or you may end up dating. Relationships are fulfilling in so many different areas, the energy and electricity the atmosphere surround and create. You can love, learn, grow, share goals, dreams, imaginations, investments, etc.

Now that you know communication plays a huge part in creating a healthy relationship. Before you decide to deceive another individual, think twice before letting your actions take place.

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