Saturday, June 12, 2010


Well, well, well!!!!!!! What do you know?
You thought you had a lover possibly a husband, in reality he wanted to screw your friend.
Played as if he had no interest in your associate's at all.
The entire time plotting future plans to be with your friend.
Telling you he love you, the whole time lusting after your friend.
You told him it was over, true colors revealed light.
Now your vision is clear, no longer blurred.
Felt as if you were having a nightmare, now that dream is discontinued.
He proposed, had you feeling like wifey.
Instead of taking care of home, he decided to purchase a new pair of Nike's.
Let his homeboys introduce him to a devotion of infidelity.
Called you baby in front of your family, around his relatives and associate's you were just another friend.
He only wanted sex, no true intention's of marrying you.
You gave him your heart which was home, and he still determined to destroy.
Now you are feeling worthless, but I'm here to tell you to keep your head up high.
You are a queen, like a treasure you should be cherished.
But yet he decided to treat you like trash, and dispose you.

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