Friday, June 11, 2010


How can you say you love a person, but you don't show them any respect?
It use to be a time when you would call daily.
You would show much compassion and affection.
You said we would never part.
Hey, but I guess thats life.
Things aren't always what they appear to be.
You said that you are not seeing anybody else, but you are never available anymore.
I thought I could trust you with my heart, instead you abused it like the previous individual's.
You wanted a foundation and stability.
You cried on my shoulder, saying you would never leave.
But, hey I see you aborted that mission.
Your words use to be like music to my soul.
Day dreaming smiling about the valuable moments shared.
Made you a priority, but you chose to select an option.
Communication was the bomb, exploded my brain.
Turned a lot individuals away because your love I was a sucker for.
A fool in-love, blinded by emotions.
Finally drove into a road block, now the signs are clear.


  1. RESPECT TRUST AND HONESTY ARE THE KEY TO AN HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. Finally someone realizes this situation is so true in the beginning of the relationship,the first couple of months are always the best and there is nothing that ur significant other wouldnt do for u .Then as time progresses u see who the inner them are life is a trip.

  2. Yes, people need to start actually realizing authenticity in their life. Some people just find it hard to trust. I always felt the need to tell a person I'm not interested anymore, and it's just best that we go our separate ways.