Sunday, June 13, 2010


Oh my goodness, I was having breakfast at the Waffle House.
There was this middle age couple sitting across from me.
They were very affectionate with one another, to the point I thought I was watching a film.
As I glance out of the window there was this Jaguar pulling into the parking lot.
Getting out of the Jag was another middle age couple entering the restaurant.
The middle age couple across from me signaled them to come over in their area.
They all gave one another hugs.
So the chatter began, along with the laughter.
15 minutes passed by, and another vehicle entered the parking lot.
Entering the restaurant were two women.
One of the women appeared to be disappointed.
Before the waiter served me my order, the restaurant door snatched open.
The woman who appeared disappointed, approached the area where the two middle aged couples were sitting.
So proceeded and asked, "What's going on, Shane?"
Shane replied, " Baby it's not what it look like."
The woman with Shane said "Are you kidding me? It is what it appear to be."
The woman who appeared disappointed replied "Are you serious? Shane is my husband!"
The woman with Shane, said "He just proposed to me three days ago!!!!!!"
Shane was speechless.
His fellow friends decided they should leave.
Shane's, wife said "It's over with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you can enjoy your new fiance."
Shane's, wife and her friend walked out of the restaurant got back into the vehicle and drove off, speeding into traffic.
Shane's, new fiance asked him why didn't he tell her that you were already married?
Shane replied, "I'll tell you later."
The new fiance said, "I need answer's now."
Shane remained silent, reached into his wallet and gave the waiter the money for their meal ticket.
The new fiance, said "I'm waiting."
Shane shook his head and walked out of the restaurant and stood by a Dodge Ram.
The new fiance follow his footsteps.
Seconds later they were exchanging blows.
The new fiance spit in his face.
He picked her up and slammed her vertebrate against the pavement.
The restaurant manager called the cops.
Within seconds the police arrived to arrest Shane.

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