Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I held a house party last night.
I called a few mutual friends over just to relax.
Some of my mutual friends told some of their friends, and so on.
But to cut to the chase somehow this chick that I have no background on, attended the gathering also.
I prepared beverages so everybody was enjoying themselves.
I had so much food that I had to dispose some of it.
My neighbor told me that he invited a few people also.
So 10 o'clock arrived the door bell ring.
I answered the door it was three men.
The chick that I didn't have any background info on asked if it was okay for her to use the bathroom, I told her yes.
Not knowing that one of the mutual friends was in the bathroom waiting on her to enter the bathroom.
30 mins after 10 the door bell rang again.
I opened the door it was two other guy's.
They came into the living room and grab a comfy area to relax.
While I was in the kitchen preparing drinks, I over heard one of the guy's asking about the BMW parked in the front yard.
Another voice replied and said, " Yo my man thats, Jessica whip."
The guy respond with a curious tone, " Jessica, who?"
Another voice said, " My co-worker, she's in the bathroom now."
The guy said," Oh okay!"
Another voice said, " She should have been out of the bathroom by now."
The guy asked," Where is the bathroom?"
I interrupted and replied, " Keep walking to your left, it's going to be the first door on the right."
The guy said," Thanks!"
I said,"No problem."
I heard loud banging on the bathroom door.
Then the guy said, " How long are you going to be in the bathroom?"
The chick replied," Just! One second."
The guy said," Jessica, baby is that you?"
Jessica replied," Huh?"
Next thing I know, my bathroom door was on the floor.
I rushed to see what was about to take place.
When I enter the pathway, Jessica and one of the mutual friends were nude in the bathtub.
The guy snatched Jessica out of the tub, and started kicking the mutual friend in the face hard as he could.
I screamed and said,"No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop."
And the guy's in the living room area came into the bathroom to get the guy off of the mutual friend.
They took him outside and told him to calm down.
The guy said," No I'm not calming down, she just cheated on me."
So I told everybody that the party was now over, it's time to leave!!!!!!
Jessica asked if she could spend the night over until in the morning.
I told her she would have to leave because I don't know her like that.
I said, " You are more than welcomed to sit in here until he leave."
Jessica replied," Okay, fair enough."
Finally the guy decided to leave after three hours.
Jessica thanked me for the visit, and apologized for the confusion she caused me to go through.
Before she left, she wrote out a one hundred dollar check for me to cover the cost for the damages her boyfriend vandalized.

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