Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Dating a individual who doesn't consider your feeling's.
Expressing your emotions, and giving your significant other all respect without a doubt.
Feeling as if you are speaking from your heart for no apparent reason.
Everyday you are arguing about simple things that could have been avoided.
Now you have came to the point, feeling it's best to go separate ways.
Face to face or over the phone, you have made your accurate thoughts be known.
Never seen or heard your significant other work hard to make you stay in their life.
But now that you are moving on, your significant other decides to consider your feeling's like never before.
You have been mistreated for some time, now your partner want to change their ways.
You never had any opposite friends, because you considered your mate feeling's towards that situation.
Now you have friends, and your partner is willing to give up all of their friends just to make you stay.
Constantly you are crying, begging your mate to give you their all not partial.
You heard your heart speak!!!!!!!!!!
Now that you have heard your heart, are you going to continue to follow your mind?

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