Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I truly believe if a individual love you like they say they do then they would find time for you know matter the circumstance's.
If a individual alway's tell you that they are to busy to put time in for you then they couldn't care for you as much.
If you are arguing daily then it's not worth it because you suppose to be smiling daily and feel appreciated.
If you have been with someone over two years and they are not considering to marry you then it's time to explore your options.
If you are with a individual who can't consider your emotion's and feeling's, and you have gave them more then enough time to settle their differences, then maybe you are better off being that person's associate.
Never settle for a person who can't love you and only you.
You don't need someone apart of your life if they are still trying to find themselves and still confused about what they want out of life.
You don't need a person who don't eager growing with you as a couple.
You don't need someone that constantly point fingers at your mistakes.
If you are going through problems and your significant other don't take time to show you any companionship or compassion, I advise you to move on.
If you are with someone that try to make your confidence turn into low self-esteem then it's not unconditional LOVE.
If you don't connect with your significant other on more then just a sexual level, I advise you to consider someone that has more respect for you.
If you are in a relationship with someone who only speak of themselves then it's time to throw in the towels.
If you cry more then you smile throughout a relationship, I strongly believe that person is abusing you and taking you for granted.
If you are only a option and not a priority, I advise you to decline the confusion that's going to end up taking place down the road.
If you can never get in touch with the individual you are with, most likely you are being played like a fool.
There should never be a day that go by that you can't hear from the individual that you are dating, even if it's something as simple as I called to put a smile on your face, etc.
If your partner has cheated and you have forgiven them and their attitude towards you is if they don't care rather you are apart of their life, then maybe it's time to let it go.
I strongly believe that LOVE is the easiest thing that was ever created.
It doesn't take much energy to show someone that you really love them.

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