Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Shopping around in Kroger earlier today.
There was this beautiful couple, standing in front of me as I was paying for my goods.
They were having a discussion about the night before the previous night.
The lady at the cashier told them that the total was fifty dollars even.
The male reached in his wallet and paid the full amount.
Before the lady gave them their receipt, she asked the gentleman if he were still attending the birthday bash party.
The gentlemen said," Yo, mommy what type of birthday bash?"
The lady replied," Isn't your name, Jason?"
The gentlemen answered," Yes, madam, do we know one another?"
The lady respond," I'm afraid, but yes I do know of you, Mr.Jason."
Jason replied," If you don't mind me asking, how do we know one another?"
The lady respond," You are the guy who my cousin is suppose to be dating, that's why I asked you were you going to the birthday bash."
Jason asked," Who is your cousin?"
The lady said," You might as well stop acting as if you don't know my cousin, you have been trying to build a family with my cousin."
Jason interrupted," Awwwwwwh! Sorry I don't have time for the nonsense."
The lady said, " It's cool just know that I will be telling Regina!'
Jason replied," Okay cool because I don't know anyone by that name."
The lady said." So you don't know, Re Re?"
Jason replied," Yeah I do but she is just a friend."
The lady said, " Okay, it doesn't matter because I already text her when I seen you enter the store so she is aware of it now."
Jason replied," Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!!!! Whatever your name is have a nice day."
The lady said," No!!!!!!!! I hope you have a nice day, loser!!!!!!!!"
Jason laughed and headed for the exit.
After I paid for my items I proceeded to my car.
Just so happened I ran into Jason, Regina and the side chick.
Regina asked, Jason." What's up with this?"
Jason said," Not now!!!!!!"
Regina replied," Whatever it is, I don't care just come and pack the rest of your things and leave my crib, as a matter of fact I will already have your things pack before you arrive."
Jason said," Cool, I don't have a problem with that."
The side chick asked, Regina," Can you please tell me whats going on?"
Regina replied," This is my newly ex-boyfriend."
The side chick said," Oh my goodness, Jason never told me he was dating anyone!!!!"
The side chick asked Jason, "please tell me that she's lying?"
Jason answered," Man!!!!!!!!! I don't have time for this childishness."
The side chick replied," What!!!!!!!! Are you serious right now? You got to be kidding me, Jason! I thought you were different, you lied just like the rest of them!"

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