Sunday, June 20, 2010


This individual asked me, how can I be part of the air that you breathe?
It took me by surprise because nobody ever asked me anything like that.
My response, are you asking to be in my life until the end of time?
The individual replied," Yes I would love to start a foundation with you."
At this moment I'm still stunned and speechless.
The individual added," Will you marry me?"
A conversation with my heart and brain begin.
My brain was telling me that this is to good to be true.
My heart was telling me that it's to soon for any of this to be taking place.
Now my only option is having faith in this individual or pass up the offer.
Because who wouldn't want true, loyalty, trustworthy, passionate, positive, and irreplaceable LOVE.
If you don't want true LOVE then something is seriously wrong.
Because without LOVE what's left.
My mind and emotions started speaking to me.
My emotions told me this could be your soul-mate.
My mind whispered," This individual don't know you well enough and want to take it to the next level."
So!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm lost and I can't make a decision.
My heart spoke," Please make sure this is the right individual because I'm tired of repairing the broken pieces."
I agree with my heart 100 percent.
I asked the individual, what are your intentions?
The individual replied," I want to treat you like the treasure that you are, I want to help your heart feel loved and not neglected, I want to be the shoulder you can lean on, I want to provide for you and the foundation that I would love to create with you, I'm ready to experience true love with you, I want to give my heart a chance to love like it never loved before, I want to give my heart what it has been longing for and that's you my LOVE."
The individual add," You are apart of my destiny and I can't complete my journey without you being the missing piece to the puzzle."
I stood and asked," How could I be for sure you are serious about what you are saying?"
The individual intruded," My LOVE, I know you have been hurt and I know a lot of people have walked in and out of your life, I know you have been mislead, I know you have been cheated on, I know you have been taken advantage of, I know your sweet tender love has been abused, I know you feel that you can't trust another, I know it's safe to say!!!!!!! I can't see myself without you, if you just open your heart and allow it to do the things that it suppose to do and that's to LOVE, I guarantee you want have any regrets."

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